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CONTACT US for a discounted referral to eQRP for its enhanced Qualified Retirement Plans. Other plans limit your options and put a custodian in charge of your money. With a Safe Harbor eQRP, YOU are in control.

Advantages of an eQRP 401(k)

  • no Unrelated Business Income Tax with leveraged real estate

  • contribute 10 times more than with an IRA

  • Flexibility to adjust your contributions

  • Borrow your money anytime

  • total checkbook control

  • no taxes for 50 years - pass tax-free money to your heirs

  • tax-free gains of 50% or more for Roth 401(k) investments in real estate

  • Start an eQRP plan this year and contribute up to $61,000 to last year's income 

Possible investments

  • Syndications for real estate and other transactions

  • Apartment buildings, multiplexes, houses, co-ops, commercial property, land

  • Bullion that you can physically possess, unlike a SEP-IRA

  • Business startups

  • Trust deeds and mortgage notes

  • Tax liens

  • Securities

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds

  • Commodities and futures

  • Contracts for sale

  • Leases

  • And much more!

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Get a free copy of Damion Lupo's QRP Book. Learn the advantage of 401(k)s and how to use them to lower your taxes and grow your wealth. 

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