Business Compliance Associates, BCA, offers secure bookkeeping services for government contractors and private companies.

Our data entry supervisor holds administrative certification in a number of States. Each of our employees sign non-disclosure agreements to assure the confidentiality of our clients and their records. All of our data entry specialists
  • sign a client confidentiality, non-disclosure agreement

  • have their fingerprints taken digitally at a secure Government location, prior to employment

  • have been cleared by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI

  • and register for on-going clearance by the FBI


For those who wish to increase their prosperity, our company refers business owners to one of Robert Kyosaki's companies and to his Rich Dad Advisors, especially Garrett Sutton, Tom Wheelwright, and Ken McElroy on topics ranging from asset protection to income tax reduction and investing. These include:

Click here to watch Clayton Morris interview Robert and some of his Advisors on Fox and Friends.


We offer accounts receivable billing to expedite the processing of our clients' invoices to their customers. We can monitor their accounts receivable and assist them in identifying delinquent payments. This increases profitability while, at the same time, improving cash flow.